Forever Grateful for Doylestown

Forever Grateful for Doylestown

November 20, 2023

Sometimes you never know what you have until it’s gone (for a little while). When I was a young resident of Doylestown and moving through CB West, I could not wait to get out of here. Every university I applied to was at least 1,000 miles away and I yearned to escape the “boring” town I grew up in. So, I did; going to the deep south to attend Auburn University. Then I was commissioned into the Navy and spent another ten years seeing the world.


As the time away from home and the adventures piled up, I began to yearn for the “boring” town I grew up in.


Now, I give thanks to Doylestown for preparing me for the adventure of young adulthood in semi-bucolic suburbia that not only pushed me away but also drew me back. D-Town has done so much for me that I wanted to showcase what continues to make this place so magical to this day.


Thank you Evolution Candy (“The Shack” as my kids call it) for always bringing a smile to the faces of my three young boys with your amazing treats and constantly smiling and outgoing customer service.


Thank you Domani Star for giving me 6-years of employment and tough-love to prepare me for the real world. Your Bolognese is second to none the world over and every time I have a bowl I am rocketed in a time machine back to 2002.


Thank you Travis Manion Foundation for shining the spotlight on our true heroes…heroes who serve bravely and silently defending something greater than themselves.


Thank you Annie’s Water Ice for always allowing me to bring my beloved Basset Hound “Casey” onto your deck for a lovely summer treat.


Thank you County Theater for allowing me to relive my childhood on the big screen through your “Hollywood Summer Nights” program and showing my children the classics from years gone by.


Thank you Bagel Barrel for adding at least 10 pounds to my waistline over the years by baking the greatest bagel in human history. No single bite of food brings me back home more than my forever faithful ham, egg, and cheese on everything. Your bagel bites keep children, and adults alike, satiated for hours and have even landed me a few bass on the end of a fishing line.


Thank you Burpee Park for your towering trees and wonderful playground that is always the highlight of a trip into the center of town for three young boys with boundless energy.


Thank you Kenny’s Newsstand for the excitement of waiting in line with friends for hours to have a shot at concert tickets via your old Ticketmaster machine.