The Staycation Guide You Need in Your Life

The Staycation Guide You Need in Your Life

June 17, 2022

Have a free day or two but don’t want to spend money on travel? Try a staycation.

First, plan ahead 

Just like a regular vacation, you’ll want to plan ahead what you’ll be doing even if it’s a loose schedule. The planning shouldn’t be stressful like a trip across the world. Write down a morning, afternoon, and evening activity. This way you won’t be stuck the day of trying to put everything together. Leave optimal time for relaxation, too! 

Movie marathon (complete with snacks) 

A good blanket and movie can take you to anywhere you want. Pick a favorite movie or one you’ve been dying to watch and prepare the room properly. Make it dark like a theater by shutting curtains or picking a room with little sun. Grab your softest blanket, pop some popcorn, and crack open the candy. Feeling creative? Try making a phone projector. 

Home spa 

Spas are expensive. Facials, mani/pedis, and aromatherapy are all activities you can achieve at home with far less cost. Head to a local drug or beauty supply store and grab some budget friendly peel off face masks, candles, and your favorite color nail polish. The day of your staycation, draw a bath, apply the facemask, and light the candles. Afterwards paint your nails and toes so you look fresh returning to school or work from your staycation.  

Laying in the sun  

Safely laying in the sun is a good source of vitamin D. Grab a speaker or headphones, a towel, and a good book. Before you even think of stepping outside apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Don’t stay outside too long but enjoy the warmth of the sun for an appropriate amount of time.   

Lawn games  

Invite some guests over at some point during your staycation for lawn games. Life sized lawn games are popular and loads of fun. Traditional games such as kickball are easy to set up and play for everyone.  

Order delivery food  

Don’t lift a finger during your time off. Order that pizza, Chinese, or Italian you’ve been holding off on. For a more budget friendly option, grab easy-to-make foods at the grocery store and get munching.

Take a nap  

Everyone loves to sleep. Take a nap for however long you want, because this is your day. Catch up on the sleep you’ve given up to other work and activities. Put on the coziest pajamas you’ve got, turn off your phone, and let the world melt away.   

Staycations don’t have to just be at home, in addition to any of these tips you could try out different local gems in your area you’ve never considered walking to. Whatever you do, make the day(s) about you and having a great time.  



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